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Brain Health and Performance Toolkits

Successfully Trained ABHP Brain Health Professionals have access to our exclusive Tier 1 and Tier 2 toolkits below!

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Tier 1

ABHP Tier 1 Assessment and Intervention Toolkit

Exclusive only to ABHP Brain Health Educator course graduates.

Our comprehensive validated brain health index delivers standardized assessments through a cloud-based, algorithm driven program that automatically collects and scores responses and reaction times.   

The Brain Health Index is based on a short neuropsychological and psychological screen, reporting of any symptoms or concerns related to memory functioning, general cognitive functioning, generating and interpreting language, mood and self-worth, as well as, sensory functions (e.g., smell, taste, coordination and motor skills). In addition, data related to brain health protective and risk factors such as sleep, nutrition, stress resilience, cognitive stimulation, physical activity and relationships are collected.


 Rigorously vetted, validated, and standardized assessments and interventions to assess, train, monitor, and sustain your clients’ progress

 Cost effective for your client; immediate source of revenue for you 

 Time efficient

 Secure interpretation of results available within minutes; provided in an easy to read and explain report

 Customized evidence-based intervention plan

 Encourages active participation by clients as agents of their own self-improvement process 

 Complements your efforts in empowering your clients’ progress toward sustainable brain healthy lifestyle behavior goals

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Tier 2

ABHP Tier 2 Assessment & Intervention Toolkit

Exclusive only to ABHP Brain Fitness Trainer and Brain Performance Coach course graduates.

Provides a comprehensive perspective of a person's overall health and functioning, as well as an optimized testing sequence to minimize assessment duration. Routine use of our Tier 2 intervention system is an integral part of brain fitness training, and injury and illness prevention.

This toolkit uses five additional brain fitness measures, including gait and balance, cardiac and autonomic nervous system measures (e.g., heart rate variability, blood pressure), functional neuroimaging via EEG, motor speed-reaction time test and brain speed. These measures can be used by you as a ABHP trained professional to identify how well your clients’ brains are functioning and what areas of their brain can benefit from an advanced personalized brain training program.


  Tier 1 features plus…

 The assessment system is easy to implement, takes about 20 minutes of data recording time, and will seamlessly integrate into any fitness and wellness practice 

 Effective assessment tools for clients who currently suffer from noticeable symptoms (e.g., memory problems, attention difficulties, brain fog, anxiety, sleep disturbance, cognitive challenges, chronic pain, headaches)

 Monitors the health of people who are currently symptom-free as an early detection system for sports related pre-season or concussion base-lines, age-related disease (e.g., Alzheimer's, Lewy Body Dementia), as well as accumulated stress that can spiral into a chronic disease state 

 Can be used as a screener for children and adults (e.g., detect physiological abnormalities associated with ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, over-training syndrome, concussion, fatigue/insomnia, addiction)

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