The Lakewood Ranch Study of Brain Health

Building a Brain Healthy Community!

The Lakewood Ranch Study of Brain Health (LRSBH) is a pioneering, multi-generational, community-based research project based in the Lakewood Ranch community of central Florida.  The study is being conducted through a unique collaboration between the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a Harvard Medical School Hospital, and the Academy for Brain Health and Performance (ABHP) in partnership with the community of Lakewood Ranch.  

Research Objective:

Imagine the benefits for Lakewood Ranch residents and our society at large, if…

  • There was a way to determine and monitor risk for brain disease at various points in our lives through a blood test or picture of our brains.

  • People could be taught how to engage in and sustain lifestyle behaviors that support their brain health, and communities could be modified in order to make unhealthy behaviors difficult and healthy behaviors easy. 

  • Healthy brain behaviors were a community norm and people worked together to support each other toward brain healthy common goals.

  • We knew specifically when, during the course of development, such efforts would be most impactful for building brain health and preventing brain disease

Our study aims to accomplish just that! Although it is important to identify the dollars that could be saved by investing in brain health, it is equally, if not more, important to consider the value on investment of such a project.

Together, we will study a representative sample of residents to uncover the factors, both positive and negative, that affect brain health throughout the lifespan.  Once these factors have been identified, we will then develop and evaluate the impact of evidence-based interventions, designed to improve brain health, on individuals, the Lakewood Ranch community, and beyond.

This study will have a transformative impact on Lakewood Ranch residents, on the field of brain health, and on people across the globe.  Results from this study will help guide the development of new initiatives to promote brain health for people of all ages, and will establish Lakewood Ranch as a leader in the future of brain health and performance.

We Learn How to:

  • Identify the factors that help and harm brain health, including genes, lifestyle, and the environment.

  • Understand certain interventions that promote brain health and reduce the risk of brain-related diseases.

  • Target these interventions to key stages of life, when they will have significant and long-lasting impacts on brain health.

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