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Thank you for being a part of our 1st Brain Health Matters podcast series!

Podcast Details

  • The focus of our 10-20 minute podcast interview is to highlight Why Brain Health Matters: to individuals, families, professionals in the fitness/wellness industry, and communities. Though our audience is mainly fitness and wellness professionals, your comments can also inspire and bring value to any individual seeking out the importance of brain health.

  • Our guest host, Heidi Hanna, will invite you to chat with her via Zencastr (an online audio recording program). The conversation will be about 20 minutes long and will include focused interview questions to highlight your unique perspective on why brain health matters. SCHEDULE INTERVIEW HERE


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Begin to prepare comments related to the following questions from your perspective and experience prior to your interview. Heidi Hanna, will use your responses to elicit a conversation with you on one or more of them. 

  • Why does brain health matter? In your experience what evidence have you seen that your area of expertise impacts or is impacted by brain health? (provide a tangible example from your personal, clinical, or research experience that is relevant for our audience).  

  • What do you do in your work ...that promotes brain health and/or brain health awareness? 

  • Can you provide a practical tip/exercise for our audience to try? How will it help enhance their brain health and/or performance?