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Our research efforts strive to understand the lifestyle behavior protective factors that most contribute to brain health and performance across the lifespan.

Our Research Approach

The Academy for Brain Health and Performance has built a framework to guide individuals to healthier brain lifestyle choices. Using evidence-based clinical protocols, our associated scientists and innovators develop ABHP programs designed to reduce unhealthy brain behavior and encourage a sustainable increase in brain healthy choices. Before scaling protocols beyond our pilot sites, outcomes are validated using standardized measures in clinical trials. Successful participants gain accountability for their brain health and leave the programs healthier, more engaged and with enhanced brain performance.


Brain Healthy Communities


Through ABHP toolkit solutions, brain health professionals are able to assess, train, monitor and sustain those factors that promote optimal functioning for individual’s unique needs, brain/body fitness level, genetic background and environmental influences. The results of the interventions provide a mechanism for collaborating with researchers and innovators, from many fields, to target which risk and protective factors are most amenable to particular brain training exercises and lifestyle behavior interventions.


What Our Collaborators Are Saying…

The science is clear and very compelling and we are all in for creating the first brain healthy community.
— YMCA, Manatee County