Our Mission

The Academy for Brain Health and Performance (ABHP) is on a mission to build a brain health movement that educates, equips, and empowers individuals, professionals and communities to make brain health a priority, because brain health matters

Building thriving communities and a culture of brain health through education, training, resources, and research!


We Are…

  • An ACADEMY revolutionizing the way people achieve their optimal brain health and performance. 

  • An international RESEARCH COMMUNITY of renowned scientists, clinicians and innovators in their respective fields that are passionate about enhancing brain health and optimizing brain performance outcomes.   

  • An EDUCATION and RESOURCE HUB that curates evidence-based content, tools and best practices.   

  • An INNOVATION LAB that provides the opportunity for experts from various fields, backgrounds and viewpoints to work collaboratively to validate, test, and determine scalability of evidence-based clinical and consumer-friendly brain health and performance assessment, intervention and monitoring technology solutions.  


Our Vision

Everything we do results from our belief that people can thrive by adopting brain healthy lifestyles. Our programs and services inform and inspire the practices of experts, educators, and professionals who are committed to supporting optimal development, function and sustainability of our world’s most critical resource – the health and performance of the human brain throughout the lifespan.  The application of scientific findings from pioneering research into our education and training programs, keeps us at the forefront of the brain health movement.  

Educating, equipping and empowering the world to make brain health a priority!

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Our academy provides professionals and their clients with the ability to:  


Our brain health screening focuses on areas that influence brain health at every brain age including sleep, physical activity, stress resilience, nutrition, social connection, meaning and purpose, emotional well-being, cognitive stimulation, general health.  


We provide brain healthy lifestyle behavior intervention protocols designed to support brain health and performance (e.g., sleep, nutrition, physical activity) and training protocols that “retrain” the brain including exercises that improve focus, memory, concentration and emotional and behavioral regulation. 


Our resources and tools help track brain health and performance progress across time.  


We provide ways to support and strengthen long lasting brain healthy habits.