Why Should You Care About Your Brain Health?

4 of Our Favorite Benefits of a Healthy Brain

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Take this quick survey. Fill in the percentage of time or money you have spent investing in the following (It should up to 100%): 

Financial security__________ 

Physical/mental health__________ 

Brain health______________ 


Many of us invest significantly to improve the vitality of our bodies and financial portfolios without giving much thought to the most precious asset we already have: our brain.  

Fifty years ago, going to the gym was not something the average person did or even thought about doing. Now it seems everyone has a gym membership, finds another way to exercise regularly, or at least knows about the beneficial effects of exercise. A revolution took place in the 1980s and 1990s that catapulted this. We all learned how important physical exercise was for overall health and well-being.  

Brain health and performance is the next step in that revolution. We have learned recently from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology that all individuals (regardless of age), with the right information, tools, and support of brain health and functioning, can enhance their performance and thrive.  

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Consciously making positive lifestyle choices is the key to a healthy brain, and a healthy brain is essential to optimal functioning, no matter your age!  

Just as we should exercise our abs, deltoids, and quads to stay strong and minimize illness and injury to our body, we also need to exercise our brains and minds (including our memory, attention, and other brain functions).

Optimal brain health and performance helps individuals to perform at their best and maintain their motivation when faced with high expectations or fear.  

 4 Benefits of a Healthy Brain:  

  1. Maintains cognitive ability across the lifespan  

  2. Helps prevent and reduce the impact of neuropsychological and psychiatric diseases   

  3. Promotes overall health, as well as personal and professional performance  

  4. Enhances the ability to concentrate, avoid distractions, self-regulate emotions, and be resilient to stress 

The Academy for Brain Health and Performance is working to revolutionize the way fitness and wellness professionals can be brain change agents as they empower their clients to optimize their brain health, fitness, and performance. We have developed education and training programs for fitness and wellness professionals to incorporate brain health principles into their practice.

Leslie Williamson