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We value our affiliate relationships and to ensure that we are set up for success, we request your collaboration with our affiliate process. Please begin by submitting the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ABHP want affiliate partners? 

The Academy for Brain Health and Performance (ABHP) seeks innovative partners and collaborators who appreciate not only the great value creation an affiliate opportunity affords, but more importantly the good work it aspires to achieve. ABHP aims to build a culture of brain health and performance in the fitness and wellness industry through the creation of brain health and performance professionals. 


What is the benefit of being an affiliate partner? 

For ABHP it is all about building strong, collaborative relationships with like-minded organizations who strive to make a difference in the health and well-being arena. As an affiliate partner, you will have first access to our new courses, products and services, which can be offered exclusively to your members and employees, likely helping to retain existing members and recruit new ones.  Note: Affiliation with ABHP does not establish a distributorship, joint venture, franchise, agency or other relationship except as described in the formal affiliate agreement. 


Is there a cost associated with being an ABHP affiliate program? 

There is no cost for signing up as a partner. There may be internal costs to promote ABHP products and services but the intent is that you will do so as part of your normal marketing efforts.  


What are the steps to being considered an affiliate? 

  • New affiliate partners are considered on a quarterly basis. 

  • If you are interested, first complete the ABHP Affiliate Form.

  • Conduct member/professional survey (created by ABHP and tailored to your organization) to gauge interest in brain health among constituents. 

  • Upon review of the application and results of the survey, ABHP will determine the level of affiliation that is most suitable. 

What types of shared activities are included/expected once engaged as an Affiliate? 

  • Work together to identify opportunities for cross marketing, joint position papers, policy statements and press releases regarding the importance of brain health and lifestyle management in population health across the lifespan. 

  • Work together to recruit subject matter experts to serve on a Brain Health Advisory. 

  • Collaborate in the promotion of continuing education to its database of members. 

  • Grant limited license to each other for use of logo and marks on its website and collateral material with prior approval and for the purpose of promoting the affiliation. 

  • Promote each other on website, social media and annual conference banners (as applicable). 

  • Seek co-branding opportunities to strengthen the relationship where it might be mutually beneficial. 

Is there a specific certification or licensure required by the Health and Wellness industry or other agency in order to become an ABHP affiliate?    


How long does the affiliation last? 

The term of an affiliation will be for one year initially, with option to extend. Either party can terminate the agreement upon at least 30 days’ prior written notice. 

Fees and Payments 

Affiliate partners are encouraged to make referrals to ABHP services and paid a revenue share based on referral’s purchase of specific services.  


Is there a minimum number of referrals an affiliate needs to make? 

While there isn’t a set minimum number of referrals, the expectation is that you will actively market ABHP products and services as appropriate through your normal marketing channels (website, social media, conferences, etc).